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Aitarget is a certified marketing partner of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. Based on our experience and knowledge, we have created an educational platform to help you graduate to an expert level in Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat marketing.

University Departments


Here you will find all the important news about Facebook’s family of products and Snapchat.


Learn about successful case studies and our recommendations and tips on effective digital marketing techniques to put what you learn into practice.


If Facebook adds a new feature to its Ads Manager, changes metrics or updates the Business Manager interface, we will explain in detail how to handle the new tools, and answer any FAQ in this section.


How do you install Facebook Pixel? How does Ads Manager work? We have gathered the prime resources - information, instructions, and educational materials - which will be useful for working with social media marketing. Keep our cheat sheets at your fingertips!

Our Tutors


Ilya Lagytin, CEO Aitarget

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Honey Badger, Aitarget's mascot, PhD in Social Media Marketing Science


Olga Loginova, CMO Aitarget


Julia Beketova, marketing manager at Aitarget


Patrick Luk, marketing manager at Aitarget UK

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