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How to Manage Product Sets ~2 min

No more pausing ads. Use our new product set editor in the Aitarget Tech Tool.

We know that every e-commerce advertiser needs a clear catalog structure. Fast product data management is important for achieving high ROI, especially if the data is constantly being updated.

Facebook allows you to group products into segments according to some characteristics, but you will not be able to make changes to existing sets. Our team at Aitarget Tech developed an add-on to the tool that allows you to edit the existing segments, even if they’re being used in an active campaign. You can replace one product in the product set with another (a seasonal example would be switching out boots for sandals), and you don't need to pause ads.

All details (the title, image, brand name etc.) are visible in the segment.

We've also increased the number of built-in options for creating catalog segments so you can create the segments that best suit your brand. Here are some examples:

  • actual price – Discounted price will be shown for the product. When the discount ends, the standard price will return to the ad.

  • description – Allows users to select products by keywords in the product description text.

  • sale value – Shows the difference between the price and the discount price.

Several parameters can be used to create a segment. If there isn’t a suitable one, you can create your own in our easy-to-use editor.