Ads You Cannot Run on Facebook ~3 min

When you are running advertising on Facebook you must follow Facebook's Advertising Policies.

Facebook's Advertising Policies provide guidelines about which ads are acceptable and unacceptable on the site. When advertisers place their orders, their ads are reviewed against these policies.

To ensure you don't have your ads or ad account banned by Facebook, please pay close attention to the following:

You should not use redirect URLs in your advertising


We often receive the following response from violators:

“It is a usual tracker URL. We use it only to get statistics to analyze. Using such URLs allows us to learn which ad set or ad performs better and gives better results. I am sure that all your partners use such trackers. At least the ones with a large spend.

Nevertheless, the rules are clear – redirect URLs are forbidden on Facebook. In the case of detection of such URLs in an ad account, we will have to stop all advertising campaigns and block the access.

Why? Because redirect URLs can be replaced to lead to adult, dating, or any other forbidden content.

Look for other ways to get statistics.

You should not use low-quality creative materials (pictures, videos, etc.)

All ad accounts are evaluated for policy compliance and quality of ad content. When accounts have run ads that are not policy compliant, they are disabled.

Moreover, accounts can be disabled for running misleading ads that resulted in high negative feedback from users on Facebook (“Do not show this again”). Facebook’s primary goal is to provide the highest-quality user experience. Some examples of such low-quality ads:

Another example:

Please remember the importance of using good quality and appropriate creative materials – the success of your advertising campaigns depends on this first and foremost.

An example of a good quality and appropriate ad:

You should not run misleading ads

Advertising deceptive, false, or misleading content, including deceptive claims, offers, or business practices is strictly forbidden on Facebook.

For example, such images cannot be used for advertising:

If you advertise some miraculous cream or dietary supplements you have to place the image of your product on your creative materials so it would be perfectly clear what is being advertised:

Also, please note that running ads that contain: 'before-and-after' images; images that emphasize an “ideal” body or body parts; or images that contain unexpected or unlikely results is similarly not allowed on Facebook.

You should not run ads promoting replicas of famous brands

Another category of forbidden content on Facebook is replicas of famous brands. Please note that running such ads is also considered to be misleading and deceptive content. Such ads do not pass the moderation process and often lead to the immediate blocking of your whole ad account.

We are the official marketing partner of Facebook and Instagram, therefore if such violations happen repeatedly, we will be forced to refund the money and suspend the cooperation and stop cooperation.

We hope you understand.