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Double conversion rate with Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

Aitarget have been working with PIK Group, a leading Russian construction developer, and 2R-media agency to launch the first-ever Dynamic Ads for Real Estate (DARE) campaign on the Russian market. The campaign started at the end of summer 2017 and since then the view-to-call conversion rate has doubled.

With the permission of PIK Group and 2R-media, Aitarget dares to reveal our success story.

Step by Step

First, a Facebook Pixel was installed on the PIK Group website. The Pixel allowed them to track visitors’ interest in apartment complexes and flats.

Next, 2R-media uploaded two product feeds with flats and floor plans.

Then, Aitarget launched the advertising campaign.

Dynamic Ads for Real Estate are one-image or carousel ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Audience Network with auto-populated images and product information from a catalogue.

A sample of PIK dynamic ads for real estate

PIK Group used data collected from the Pixel to retarget audiences through the Carousel format. They chose the “Shop Now” and “Learn more” CTAs. After clicking on either, users landed on an apartment complex page from the product feed.

Month by Month

In September 2017, PIK Group recorded a wow-rate of view-to-call conversions: 86% with the CTR of 4.2%. In October, the conversion rate retained its high level of 60% with the same campaign settings.

In comparison, an ad campaign with a usual carousel (non-dynamic product ads) showed moderate growth of conversions: 40% in September and 33% in October, with CTR of 1.3% and 1.83%, respectively.

“PIK Group is a leading company in the industry. We aspire to maintain this title in other industries like advertising and marketing. Our innovative approach to launching and handling new ad formats make us the first to monitor results and leverage them,” says Roman Abdullin, Head of Marketing at PIK Group.

Aitarget is calling on you to be DARE-ing too.