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Six Podcasts for Marketers
Insights Six Podcasts for Marketers~4 min
It’s hard to follow all trends, cases, and changes in digital marketing. You need to read dozens of articles every day to find interesting and useful information. However, there’s a way to keep up wit...
Long story short: campaign budget optimisation
Tutorials Long story short: campaign budget optimisation~3 min
In September, advertisers will see changes to the budget management options in Facebook ad accounts. Campaign budget optimisation (CBO) will become the default setting for most ad accounts.
Hello Beauty
Insights Hello Beauty~4 min
In late June, a private business breakfast for beauty was held by Facebook and Aitarget, with special guests of L’Oréal and Scentbird, in a Moscow jazz club.

We have collected the key ins...
Banking on a Happy Couple
Insights Banking on a Happy Couple~4 min

Facebook Dynamic Ads allow brands to automatically update information about their products that gets sh...

The Power of Suggestion
Insights The Power of Suggestion~4 min
How Aitarget and Madrobots harnessed the potential of video ads to showcase products and slash conversion costs