Different Strategies for Managing and Automating Ad Campaigns ~2 min

In this article we’d like to introduce some of the most utilised automation strategies worth familiarising yourself with.

Tunnel strategy

In essence, this requires two sets of values: the floor/cap for сost per result (like click, install, or another action), and the upper/lower bid limit at Facebook Ad Auction.
To implement this strategy you need:
  • a clear picture of your goal.

  • the results you are looking to achieve.

  • the cost you are willing to pay for each result, e.g. the price ceiling of each bid and your total budget.

Your bid will be changing within the set boundaries at set intervals (for instance, 2 cents), helping you to reach the most cost-efficient outcomes.

Weighted Average strategy

Weighted Average strategy, put simply, is optimising the ad set to retain the desired result value by comparing it to its weighted average in all campaign Ad sets (Parent CPA). For instance, if the ad set CPA is lower than or equal to the campaign CPA, the bid or the budget increases. If the ad set CPA is higher than average, the bid and the budget can be dropped or you can disable poorly performing ads.

Funnel Strategy

In Facebook advertising, an ad or a group of ads (ad set) may not perform as well the following day as they did on the previous one. One of the main goals in automation is to spot poor performance as early as possible and to switch such ads off while leaving better performing ads running.