What If My Facebook Pixel Data Does Not Match My Website Traffic? ~2 min

Keep in mind data on this page refers to the total number of pixel fires, regardless of whether they were associated with an ad.

This means the total number should roughly align with your overall website/page visit volume, not just attributed traffic from Facebook. It's normal that Facebook's numbers may be different from a third party’s, but if there's a very large mismatch (or you don’t see any pixel traffic), something may be wrong.

After you've checked your total pixel fires, you should ensure your events are reported correctly. If you have events on any of your web pages, you should see them in your Events tab below your traffic graph. Both Standard and Custom Events will show up on this tab. If you have the wrong Event enabled, or it’s set up on the wrong page, this will help you find it.

Use the Events tab to troubleshoot your events

You may also be seeing mismatches because your pixel isn't firing correctly.

Go through the checklist below to make sure that's not the case:

  1. Check whether your raw pixel fires match. If you're using the Facebook pixel, you can check how many times your specific standard events were triggered in your pixel dashboard.

  2. If you're using conditional firing, expect a small discrepancy. Check that you're not using a combination of conditional/unconditional firing with your tags.

  3. If your raw pixel fires match but there's a mismatch in conversion values, check your currency, decimal places and other variables in your purchase event codes.

  4. If Facebook is reporting more conversions than your other analytics tools, use the Pixel Helper tool to check for duplicate pixel fires, which can sometimes be caused by redirects.

  5. If Facebook is reporting fewer conversions, this may have to do with the pixel piggybacking on existing tag managers. Check that this has been implemented correctly.

Problem solved.